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Invitation to the 6th conference on investments in sport

The Cyprus Sport Organisation is hosting the 6th of 7 national conferences entitled “Investments in Sport” organised within the project under the same title (Investments in Sport, abbr. iSport), which was co-funded by the Erasmus+: Sport Programme of the European Union.

The 5th conference on investments in sport will be held at the premises of the Cyprus Sport Organisation in Nicosia, Cyprus on 12 March 2020.

The purpose of the national conference is to open a dialogue between the national policy makers and the key stakeholders in sport, as well as the representatives of the business sector, regarding the economic and social impact of investments in sport based on the “Guidelines on investments in sport” that were developed by the team of researchers on the iSport project.

The main objective of the conferences is to promote a better recognition of the contribution of sport to the overall goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy given the sector’s strong potential to contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and new jobs, and considering its positive effects on social inclusion, education and training as well as public health and active ageing.

Conference speakers will be the leading European experts in the field Themis Kokolakakis and Guenther Grohall, and the iSport project leader Alma Papić.

Conference participants are the policy makers on all levels of government in Cyprus, as well as the decision-makers from the sport sector and potential investors in sport infrastructure from the business sector. Participants will be able to actively participate in the discussion and share their unique perspectives on investments in sport.

Participants’ input will be used to improve the final version of the “Guidelines on investments in sport”, as well as for the development of the “Recommendations for policy-makers”.

For more information, contact the project leader Alma Papić at +38513650500 or

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Alma PapićInvitation to the 6th conference on investments in sport